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Physical and chemical properties:

The product is colorless, transparent or slightly colored, with a relative density of 1.70. Melting point of 42.35 ℃, soluble and water and ethanol, odorless, taste very sour. Phosphoric acid is a normal human constituent substances, bone, teeth and a variety of enzymes necessary ingredients.


Can be used for flavoring; for canned, liquid, solid drinks and soft drinks sour agent, can replace citric acid, malic acid; in the process of beer saccharification, can replace the lactic acid to PH value; sugar industry for sugar clarification ; Wine for yeast nutrient, to prevent bacteria breeding; flour for modifiers, but also widely used in high-precision electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry.


Quality in line with GB3149-2004 standard requirements



Packaging should be "food additives" and other words, phosphoric acid with polyethylene plastic drums, barrel mouth must be added inside the lid and cover tight. Net weight per barrel: 35Kg-330Kg-1600Kg, packaging should be marked on the marked, product name, specifications, net weight, "corrosive items" logo. Is a secondary inorganic acid corrosion products, dangerous regulation No .: 93002. Should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. High concentration of phosphoric acid in cold winter areas should pay attention to insulation, to prevent freezing, to prevent leakage of container leakage. Do not mix with alkaloids, toxic substances and other corrosive substances. Transport to prevent rain and sun exposure. Loading and unloading to gently, is strictly prohibited violent impact, to prevent the packaging container rupture. Fire, the available dry sand, dry powder fire extinguisher.

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