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Application of fully water soluble fertilizer
Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate (DKP)
Uses: 1. Alkaline phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, promote fruit expansion, improve fruit quality, increase coloring, and improve quality
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Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)
Uses: 1. High-performance weak alkaline nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, strong seedling root development, improve plant flower bud differentiation vitality, increase fruit hardness and shelf life, and act on crops in the early flowering stage and fruit forming
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Urea Phosphate (UP)
Uses: Strongly acidic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, has good chelation and activation of soil calcium and magnesium, improves the structure of alkaline soil, can effectively improve the soil quality of saline-alkali soil, loosen soil, increase air permeability, and prevent soil compaction.
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Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (MKP)
use:1. High-efficiency chlorine-free phosphorus-potassium water-soluble fertilizer can promote fruit expansion, color change, promote crop metabolism, and can improve crop rooting, frost resistance and stress resistance.
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Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate (MAP)
use:1. Professional soilless culture drip irrigation fertilizer, with its high purity and high solubility, can effectively prevent the clogging of the dripper and dripper. It is a high-efficiency hydroponic fertilizer, which is mostly used as a flower-promoting fertilizer for flowers, fruits, lawns and other economic crops. , but the concentration should not be too high. 2. Before the start of crop growth, use in soil with high calcium content, alkaline soil with strong phosphorus fixation ability, soil with high salinity, and lack of water can increase yield and improve quality.
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Potassium Nitrate (NOP)
Uses: 1. As a chlorine-free nitrogen-potassium water-soluble fertilizer, the total content of potassium and nitrogen can reach about 60%. Nitrate nitrogen can quickly provide nutrients under any conditions, and has good physical and chemical properties, which can increase yield and improve quality. Ripe earlier, improve resistance, extend shelf life
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