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Application of amino acid fertilizer
Amino Acid Chelated Magnesium
Since magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll, it plays a fundamental role in the process of photosynthesis. This element is a cofactor for major cellular enzymes of sugar and protein metabolism and is indispensable. Magnesium is involved in plant respiration and helps in the absorption of iron and the synthesis of pigments such as carotenoids. Its presence is very important for the formation of young organs and seeds.
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Amino acid boron chelate
Boron is an essential trace element for plants because it stimulates its nutritional development through cell division and aids in the synthesis of nucleic acids. In addition, it plays an important role in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in the production and transportation of sugars. In floral organisms, boron contributes to fertilization, germination, pollen and pollen tube activity, reduces early shedding and improves flower setting and fruit quality.
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Amino acid chelated copper
Copper deficiency in plants is generally manifested as withered tops, shortened internodes, whitish leaf tips, narrowed and thinned leaves, twisted, hindered reproductive organ development, and fruit-bearing. The fruit trees lack copper, the leaves are shriveled and fall off, and the bark becomes rough and cracked, and at the same time oozes sticky substances, the amino acid chelated organic copper is also an effective fungicide, a virusicide, and small crops absorb small amino acid molecules. Absorption of copper can prevent and treat a variety of fungi and bacteria, inhibit the synthesis of viral nucleic acid and lipoprotein, and play an antiviral role. It is relatively safe for agricultural products and the environment, and has the advantages of short residual period, long lasting effect, and no drug resistance. Inorganic copper is difficult to transport into plant cells due to its low absorption rate and absorption residues.
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Amino Acid Chelated Zinc
Zinc is a component of many enzymes in plants and is involved in auxin synthesis and nitrogen metabolism. Plants are deficient in zinc, and the green leaves of the leaves are reduced. At the same time, the leaves become smaller and clustered, and the plants become dwarfed due to shortened internodes. Inorganic zinc is poorly absorbed, easily lost and takes effect slowly, while amino acid chelated organic zinc is composed of amino acid small molecules and zinc to form a stable structure, which is not the case.
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Amino acid chelated iron
Iron is mainly concentrated in chloroplasts and is involved in the formation of chlorophyll. Iron is not only an important constituent of plant aerobic respiration enzymes, involved in respiration, but also a constituent of ferredoxin, which is involved in electron transfer;
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Amino acid chelated calcium
Calcium is one of the important components in the cell wall. It can maintain the integrity of the cell and cannot move freely in the plant. Calcium can maintain the firmness of the stem and the firmness of the fruit. Deficiencies can lead to bitter apples, speckled pears, late bloom rot in tomatoes, and death of growing points.
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Compound amino acid powder (chlorine free)
The amino acid powder produced by our company has the characteristics of organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen. It is the main raw material of amino acid foliar fertilizer, and can also be directly applied to crops as flush fertilization, base fertilizer and base fertilizer application. There are two types of raw materials, one is animal fur; the other is soybean or soybean meal.
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