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Our province "ammonium polyphosphate water soluble fertilizer and its preparation method" to fill the gaps

Date:2016年10月21日 09:20

"Polyphosphate water soluble fertilizer and its preparation method" project team learned that after nearly three years of scientific research, the project has been successful, the corresponding derivative products and preparation methods have applied for the relevant invention patents, and fill the gaps , The main implementation of the project unit - Shandong Taibao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Taibao company), will become the important domestic agricultural ammonium polyphosphate professional manufacturers and suppliers.

Ammonium polyphosphate, referred to as ammonium polyphosphate, also known as or condensed ammonium phosphate, referred to as APP, is a nitrogen, phosphorus polyphosphate, according to its polymerization degree, can be divided into oligomerization, Species. The higher the degree of polymerization, the smaller the water solubility. (NH4) n + 2PnO3n + 1, when n is 10-20, it is water-soluble and can be used as agricultural fertilizer. When n is more than 20, it is insoluble and can be used as flame retardant. The application of ammonium polyphosphate in the field of agricultural fertilizers is in the initial stage of our country and has great potential for development. It is estimated that the demand is about 10-30 million tons / year.

In order to comply with the requirements of national modern agricultural development, Taibao company since 2012 for the application of ammonium polyphosphate, development project, research process, the research group and Nankai University jointly set up scientific and technological research group, the group at the same time the Ministry of Agriculture water , South China Agricultural University, Shandong Province Agricultural Technology Extension Station, Shandong Province, soil and fertilizer stations and other units related well-known experts, after three years of hard work, in the capture of a series of major key technical difficulties, the success of the recent success.

The advent of related products, agricultural production will be integrated water and fertilizer, saving efficiency, reduce non-point source pollution have a positive impact.

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