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Ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer makes Chinese agriculture better

Date:2016年10月21日 09:20

"Greenhouse on the 'Road to life', agricultural products are good quality, not only to the market early, but also to sell a good price." September 19, Yantai Xirui Agricultural Resources Group Co., Ltd., the way of eco-agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. hosted the 2015 Fertilizer Technology Innovation Forum and Health Road, ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer new product release (investment) at the meeting, Shandong Qixia apple growers Liu Wenbo in the sharing of the way the use of ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer experience Say.

Rely on innovative services to China 's agriculture

Yantai Xirui Kang Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Wan Deyin said in his speech, ten years ago, as a private science and technology enterprises, Xirui Kang Group was born in Yantai, from the end of the relationship with the three rural. Over the past decade, from fertilizer trade to fertilizer trade and production coexist, from the traditional BB fertilizer production to ammoniated granulation efficient compound fertilizer project construction, from urea formaldehyde compound fertilizer to ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, ecological soil conditioner And other eco-product research and development, Xirui Kang agricultural group has gone through a rely on scientific and technological innovation to serve the development of China's agriculture road.

Wende India stressed that the implementation of the "zero growth" target of the national fertilizer, Xirui Kang Group, the introduction of Israel's latest fertilizer production technology to build a liquid fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, soil conditioner and other production lines, starting from the needs of China's ecological agriculture, from Protect the soil, improve crop yield and quality to start, research and development of various types of new products. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Xirui Group, the mission of Eco Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is to play a new fertilizer research and development and promotion tasks. In the future, the company will use the modern scientific and technological achievements, and constantly develop new high-end fertilizer for farmers to plant a scientific formula for fertilization program to scientific and technological innovation as the support point, adhere to the agricultural industry chain optimization and integration of the road, the maximum Reduce the cost of agricultural production inputs, together with dealers to create a better tomorrow for China's agriculture.

Ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer in the ascendant

Xiguang Group General Manager Wang Gang said that in recent years, ammonium polyphosphate gradually into the field of liquid fertilizer production, and widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Data show that the US liquid fertilizer accounted for 38% of the total fertilizer, with more than 2,800 liquid fertilizer plant, the annual consumption of more than 1600 million tons of liquid fertilizer. Of which 130 factories produce agricultural ammonium polyphosphate, the annual output reached 1.5 million tons. Other production states are Belgium, France, Russia and so on. China's agricultural ammonium polyphosphate solution in the initial stage, Xirui Kang Group is currently one of the largest domestic production enterprises.

Ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer, is a low nitrogen and high phosphorus compound liquid fertilizer. Its advantage lies in: First of all, it can chelate the wet phosphoric acid in the magnesium, iron, aluminum and other impurities, does not produce precipitation, it will not lose the available phosphorus. The added trace elements can be chelated to become uniform and consistent solution of fertilizer. Second, it can be prepared with nitrogen solution, urea, potassium chloride and water out of dozens of NPK compound fertilizer, is the production of new fertilizer products important raw materials. Xirui Kang Group to seize the opportunity to build a liquid ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer project to meet the needs of China's ecological agriculture development. In addition, in line with the promotion of liquid fertilizer, Health Road, the company also launched a "liquid fertilizer self-employed fertilizer machine." This self-service machine can be built to the field of land, not only to facilitate the use of farmers, but also because there is no packaging and eliminating the intermediate links, can significantly reduce costs.

In order to enhance the confidence of dealers, the company not only to organize the dealer to visit the factory, will also hold large-scale product orders, farmers training, farmland demonstration exhibition, real shot production and production, through strong agricultural services, and strive to make This good product is used as early as agricultural production.

Water - saving agriculture spawned liquid fertilizer

In the fertilizer technology innovation forum, the national agricultural extension service center chief expert Gao Xiangzhao in the "China's fertilizer industry trends and the integration of water and fertilizer process," the report stressed that water-saving agriculture gave birth to the development of liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizers are particularly suitable for dripping and irrigating fertilizers under the membrane, which will change past fertilization of soils to provide nutrients to crops, to reduce agricultural production inputs, increase crop yields and improve the quality of agricultural products have a significant effect.

China National Institute of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer New Fertilizer Professional Committee Shen Bing in the "agricultural services in the promotion of new fertilizer in the role and service system construction," the report illustrates the enterprise agrochemical services in the new fertilizer in the importance of promotion. He believes that the future, the fertilizer business mission on the one hand to develop efficient new fertilizer, the production of good products; the other hand, to provide farmers with agricultural cultivation throughout the solution.

Qingdao Agricultural University, Professor Li Junliang made a "water-soluble fertilizer to promote the use of" the report, from the soil health care, crop demand for nutrients and absorption of domestic and foreign fertilizer development and the current confusion, The importance of liquid fertilizers.

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