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Export tax rebate policy to enhance the phosphating industry boom

Date:2016年10月20日 09:24

Recently, the Ministry of Finance announced that it will adjust the export tax rebate rate of some products, including sodium tripolyphosphate export tax rebate rate increased to 13%, after no export tax rebate.

In addition, the impact of winter ore mining and other factors, the upstream phosphate rock and yellow phosphorus prices have rebounded, nearly an average increase of nearly 5% in January, but also for the downstream cost of sodium tripolyphosphate to provide cost support. The industry is expected, the current domestic phosphorus chemical market is subject to excess capacity situation, the overall market is relatively sluggish, the Ministry of Finance to encourage export policy, will help push up the market demand, improve the phosphorus chemical industry boom.

The notice shows that, as of January 1, 2015, industrial grade and food grade sodium tripolyphosphate will carry out a 13% export tax rebate standard, and food grade sodium hexametaphosphate will carry out a 9% export tax rebate standard. The increase in export tax rebates indirectly reduces the production costs of enterprises, which is conducive to enhancing the international competitiveness of sodium phosphate in China and boosting the export market. It is understood that the relevant enterprises have also actively developed a sales strategy for 2015, the latter will increase the proportion of export share. The industry is expected that the initiative will ease the situation of domestic excess capacity to improve the industry operating environment.

From the industry fundamentals, in accordance with the phosphate rock - yellow phosphorus - phosphate - sodium tripolyphosphate industry chain, the upstream has been positive signs. Affected by the winter weather, mining in some areas limited, coupled with the winter storage market started, phosphate ore prices steadily. It is understood that Guizhou and other places, due to the winter, part of the mining, transportation will be affected by the weather, the latter part of the mine will start a downward trend. In addition, the phosphate fertilizer export policy landing, cancel the short season window, export demand is expected to improve, for the downstream fertilizer preparation incentives have improved.

Huang phosphorus, in December 2014 the market to break the smooth situation, to achieve a comprehensive upward, the latest offer for 14775 yuan / ton. The current market supply is lower than in previous years, the latter part of a large number of inventory shipments, and most of the business orders have been discharged to mid to late January, the follow-up market is still slightly upside. In addition, the downstream food grade phosphoric acid positive demand season, but also to the market to bring some support role.

For sodium tripolyphosphate itself, the latest situation shows that the overall market is low, industrial grade offer in 5500-6000 yuan per ton, food grade between 6500-7000 yuan. At present, enterprises are running more stable, most on-demand production.

Overall, the Ministry of Finance export tax rebate policy, indicating that the government attaches great importance to the product, while reducing business costs, to encourage its exports. In addition, the upstream phosphate rock, yellow phosphorus and other prices rose, but also for the cost of supporting the role of sodium tripolyphosphate.

Listed companies, Chengxing shares for the fine phosphorus chemical leading, phosphoric acid and phosphate production capacity in the forefront of the market, of which sodium tripolyphosphate production capacity of nearly 100,000 tons. In addition, the company also has 1.1 million tons of phosphate mining capacity, as well as the production of phosphorus and phosphorus production, thermal power supply, the industry chain is more perfect. Six chemical industry for the domestic large-scale ammonium phosphate, fine phosphorus chemical enterprises, has now formed in Anhui, Jiangxi and Hubei three production bases, with diammonium phosphate capacity of 1.2 million tons, an ammonium production capacity of 150,000 tons. At the same time, the company's 280,000 tons of synthetic ammonia project has been put into production, a substantial increase in self-sufficiency of raw materials, phosphate production to ensure the stability of the upgrade. It is noteworthy that the 2015 new fertilizer tariff has been introduced, cancel the short season, the overall cost of tax reduction, is conducive to improving the company's exports.

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