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Sodium tripolyphosphate increased 13% tax rebate and good export market

Date:2016年10月20日 09:21

Since January 1, 2015, industrial and food grade sodium tripolyphosphate will carry out 13% of the export tax rebate standard, food grade sodium hexametaphosphate will be The implementation of 9% of the export tax rebate standards. The increase in export tax rebates indirectly reduces the cost of production and is conducive to export markets.

Related enterprises have also actively developed a sales strategy in 2015, the latter will increase the proportion of export share, the international competitiveness of sodium phosphate in China will gradually increase.

This initiative will also ease the domestic overcapacity and domestic vicious competition brought about by the various problems. As the industrial grade hexametaphosphate this product did not increase the export tax rebate, the late export volume of the product or will be reduced. According to Zhuo record information to understand, food grade sodium hexametaphosphate production license is very difficult to handle, the domestic food-grade production qualification of enterprises in the first half of the export pressure will increase.

Zhuo record information is expected in the next few months, the export price of such products may be a steady decline, but the export volume or will increase; and due to weakened in the domestic market competition pressure, the domestic price or raw materials will be higher Under the phenomenon of pulling up.

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