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The positive effect of the development of the network economy on enhancing the competitiveness of the boiler phosphate dosing device

Date:2016年10月20日 09:24

The development of the network economy is a revolution, is the boiler phosphate dosing device enterprise management change and technological innovation catalyst. The network economy is extremely important in improving the level of enterprise management, promoting the modernization of management, transforming management mechanism, establishing modern enterprise system, accelerating technological progress and improving economic efficiency. It is to enhance the boiler phosphate Equipment business competitiveness of the important "weight."

First, the development of the network economy can improve the level of enterprise decision-making and management. Information and network technology to achieve a cross-regional synchronization of information exchange, so that the boiler phosphate dosing device enterprises in the access, transmission, use of information resources and more flexible, fast and open. The adequacy and timeliness of the information greatly enhances the decision-making ability of the decision-maker and the ability of program evaluation and selection, thus expanding the thinking space of the decision-maker and extending the ability of the decision-maker to make the original fuzzy information and experience Standardization, quantification and quantification, to minimize the uncertainty, arbitrariness and subjectivity in the decision-making process, which enhances the rationality, scientific and rapid response of decision-making, and improves the efficiency and efficiency of decision-making. In addition, due to the extensive use of information and network technology, the traditional management of the original business model had a strong impact, bringing a fundamental change in business management. Information technology and enterprise management development and integration, so that good management practices and management processes to be established, scientific management can be achieved, thereby enhancing the overall management level of the enterprise.

Second, the development of the network economy can improve the organizational performance of enterprises. The efficiency of information transmission directly affects the efficiency of enterprise organization of boiler phosphate dosing device, and the improvement of organizational performance will obviously improve the efficiency of enterprise management, so as to win the competitive advantage for enterprises. Increased organizational efficiency is always required as simple as possible information network system in order to reduce information costs and improve the efficiency of information transmission. The development of the network economy will effectively strengthen the enterprise's decision-making level and the executive level of direct communication, so that the role of middle management greatly reduced, thereby reducing the management level, thereby accelerating the transmission efficiency of information and improve the efficiency of the organizational structure. This form of organization through the level of peer-to-peer information transmission to coordinate the various departments within the enterprise, the activities between the groups to achieve a dynamic management. It not only makes the communication of information flow, timely, reduce the supervision and coordination of bureaucratic costs, so that the market and the surrounding information and feedback between the decision-making center more quickly, improve the enterprise's ability to respond quickly to the market, but also greatly mobilized the members The potential and enthusiasm to better adapt to the increasingly competitive market environment.

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